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Web Application security testing is a targeted way of evaluating the security of web application to identify the weakness of an application. Accomplished by simulating various exploitation attempts from an external source, our expert team handles it all. Our web team is well versed in manual web application penetration testing and assessment methodology.

Why You Need Web Application Security Testing?

Web Application Security testing is a fundamental test to provide a safe approach to evaluate the security of web application. Our assessment will include security assessment of the IP address hosting the website (should be hosted on a dedicated server) and validation testing once all the observations have been fixed. We are proper security controls are in place, and developers are adhering to secure development techniques

  • To protect against injecting malicious code into web forms
  • Protection against vulnerabilities which try to gain access to private data
  • Save systems and other network-connected devices
  • Security against malware attacks
How Digifish3 Can Help You With Web Application Security Testing?

Our team understands the features and behavior of an application to identify the anomalies on the behavior of the application. The tests will be conducted as per the web development document agreed with the development team and the owners of web application. Testing will include a combination of automated and manual techniques covering the OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25 web vulnerabilities.

  • Injection flaws like SQL Injection & Command Injection
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Broken authentication and session management
  • Broken access control
  • Error handling
  • Validation of mandatory fields
  • Display of error messages
  • Cookie deletion
  • Timeout functionality
  • Custom error messages
  • Client’s validation
  • Developers’ comments
  • Applet and class de-compilation
  • Exception handling
  • Auditing and logging

Let’s connect and allow us to ease the process of your Web Application Security.