Digifish3 Terms Of Use

If you surf our website and engage with our services, you need to comply with the following terms and conditions. These guidelines purely govern the relationship between you and us as a business entity. This website is subjected to the below-mentioned terms and conditions!

  • The website content is for general information and usage. The content is subjected to change without any prior notice.
  • No other party can provide warranty/guarantee and accuracy of timeline, completeness or any information for any purpose.
  • The website content is copyright to Digifish3; the content cannot be copied, rewritten or reproduced for personal or official use.
  • The use of our services/products of this website is purely at your own risk, and the second party is liable to check the packages, information and details.
  • Unauthorized usage of this website would rise to serious issues for any damages under the criminal offence.
  • Any additional tasks will be estimated separately and would go with the new amendments in the proposal.
  • Special modifications and requirements have to be clearly stated before the agreement for hassle-free working for both parties.
  • The fee payable by clients is tax deductible at source, and taxes would be charged separately for professional services.
  • Client shall pay all other charges in retrospective/non-retrospective mode.
  • In any event, if a client terminates the contract in mid of the tenure, the payments made will not be refunded.

In case of any legal proceedings, the paid amount will not exceed the amount charged from the client.