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Once the presence is taken care off, how to reach the right audience is what is important.

The same is taken care of by promoting the right sector at the right time.

SEO & Promotion

SEO is an obvious choice for promoting and marketing your business on the web. It can be both: Organic (free) & Paid, and Digifish3 performs it by the following activities:
  • Keyword's Placement
  • Backlinks for generating traffic
  • Optimization of text
  • SEO blogs

SMO & Promotion

Today, SMO is a perfect way for promoting your business by using a number of social media channels, as all your clients, customers and potential customers are online. And Digifish3 helps in that by performing:
  • Social Listing & Insights
  • Content Marketing
  • Audit & Strategy
  • Community Marketing
  • Campaigns & Events

Email Marketing

Nothing gets better, when you send a personalised email to a customer who has been following you since your existence. And to make your customer more happy, Digifish3 gives you an array of options for Email Marketing:
  • Email Newsletter
  • Transactional Email
  • Lead Nurturing Email
  • Dedicated Email
  • Blog Digest
  • Sponsorship Emails
  • ... & Many more

Google AdWords

Digifish3 emphasis on Google AdWords, as this is a great way for bringing in relevant clicks & huge visits to your website, by using proper set of keywords and customized ads (as per your audience). We offer following options:
  • Google Search Ads (option for geo-targeting)
  • Google Display Ads (option for geo-targeting)
  • Campaign Planning & Keyword Research
  • And the list goes on
Additional : We also provide options for Offline Promotions by creating designs for standees, poster creatives, business cards, brochures, leaflets, etc. for all genres.