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The Advertising Era is becoming SMARTER and BETTER, and therefore the Programmatic Marketing campaigns have become a predominant part of brand campaigns. Segmentation of audience is an important aspect of marketers today. Use of segmented data, narrows the approach and is a good proposition for a better ROI. At Digifish3, our young creative bunch understands marketing goals and penetrates the audience effectively to ensure better conversions. We work on data mining across multiple genres like travel, healthcare and targeting profiles for relevant products/services and reachgranular audience for efficacious ad campaigns.

Why You Need Programmatic Marketing For Your Business?

For a smarter and progressive audience type, every business is suggested to plan a marketing model that helps businesses to sail out the cut-throat competition. Our professional programmatic digital marketing team works over a vision to excel campaigns with smart and innovative outreach strategies to drive growth. Brands can accelerate their business to 5X with programmatic marketing campaigns and here is why businesses need to switch to Programmatic Marketing:

  • Real-time optimization of the brands
  • Precise and relevant targeting of Campaigns
  • Budgeted bidding on audience pool
  • Campaigns understanding behavioral and interest aspects
  • Call tracking to understand the calling patterns of the targeted audience
  • Improved ROI with relevant targeting

We at Digifish3 target social media marketing with segmented audience for more insightful campaign results. Our marketing ecosystem resolves problems brands face due to random tagging and wrong targeting. In Programmatic Marketing, business growth multiplies up to 5X as it offers transparent business strategy resulting in precise targeting and enhanced customer engagement.

How Digifish3 Can Help With Programmatic Marketing?

Adding an intelligence layer to the audience data, deeper market penetration is all Digifish3 can cater in order to improve the ROI for a business.

  • Pin Code Wise User Mapping/ Profiling
  • Real-time Programmatic platform to bring prospects and brands together
  • Ads placed at targeted demographics, right age audience
  • 50% lesser cost than social media targeted advertising as we bypass profiling engines
  • Engaging content delivery with stronger profile targeting
  • Telco-Social connect, one of its kind collaboration
  • NRI Connect differentiates us from other industry competition
  • Push granular audience converting them to consumers
  • Accurate targeting and no manual mistakes

Are you ready to take a smart-step in the Business World? Let’s get connected for a SMARTER and BETTER Marketing strategy!