For engaging the target audience, we provide a perfect mix of both ATL & BTL

activities, which is a requirement for every brand:

Above The Line

The Above the Line features offered by Digifish3 will give a wider reach for you to target your audience. It will include:
  • Banners
  • Social media
  • Campaigns, etc.

Below The Line

The Below the Line features offered by Digifish3 will ensure the brand recall & will highlight the features of the product/service. It will include a touch of personalization like
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Video
  • Content Marketing, etc.

Through The Line

We always go an extra mile to provide the best to our clients and for that we provide TTL or Through the Line feature, wherein we will combine all the benefits of both ATL & BTL activities/services to ensure maximum growth for the brand or product or service. It includes:
  • Content/Connect Feedback Campaigns
  • Organising an Interactive session Online (or offline is also an option)
  • Increasing ROI by Word Of Mouth, etc.