Celebrity Connect Marketing In India
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Celebrity Connect Marketing In India

Celebrities command a high degree of recognition, trust, respect and awareness among the people. It attracts lot more people than ordinary advertising because people notice celebrities, famous personalities and role models even from a vast clutter of noise, people or products. Celebrities have a high brand recall for the end users because of their stature and profile, therefore availing their connect would make a brand target the larger segment of the audience.

"A Sign Of Celebrity Is That Their Name Is Often Worth More Than Their Services."

-Daniel J. Boorstin
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For a Brand - The celebrity would be connected to a brand with the help of Digifish3. The celebrity involvement for the brand would be- the celebrities would message/tweet on a social networking website about the brand, on the brand page, or on their existing social networking page.

For a Celeb - The organization would build the digital presence of the celebrity from scratch or create a bigger fan base for existing celebrities in the digital sphere. From creating the celebrity websites to their fan pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and various other digital platforms, is taken care by Digifish3.


For a Brand - The celebrities write a blog about the product or comment on few existing blogs about brand, written by different people.

For a Celeb - A content expert would write blogs on behalf of celebrities about the latest updates in their life. This activity will basically increase fan base and connectivity between the celebrity and their fans.

Celebrity Connect Marketing in Gurgaon
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For a Brand - Celebrities lend their names or images to promote a product or service. The celebrity would endorse the product on digital platforms. They would sign a contract with the brand on the one-on-one basis for larger tie-ups.

For a Celeb - The organization would get brand endorsement offerings for the celebrity, and make their commercial value higher. Business houses use celebrities as instruments to highlight their brand in the market.

Any brand can get a celebrity, as that's easy! But getting a celebrity compatible with a brand, and at the right time, for the right product is what is critical, and using them for the right purpose in the correct way is where Digifish3 leads them to the right direction.

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