Tips To Help Grow Your Brand On Instagram

With over 600 million users all over the world, Instagram is becoming a central point for each and every type of business with all sort of shape and sizes, who use social media.It is one of the fastest growing social media platformand almost half of its users, more than 300 million people, use it every day.

All that sounds incredible, right? But how will you find time to grow your brand on Instagram? In this post, we’re sharing nine time-saving Instagram marketing tips to help you achieve incredible results with less time and effort.

Let’s get started.

1.Creating Instagram posts on desktop instead of mobile –Thanks to the excessive amount of tools present out there. Social media management has become easier than what it was a few years ago. However,Instagram till date doesn’t allow to publish via its web application, there are many other tools which allow you to create your Instagram posts on desktop first and then post it via your mobile phone.

Creating an Instagram posts on desktop can be a massive time saver. Here’s why:

  • Creating your graphics and/or editing your photos on your desktop could be much faster than doing the same on your mobile.
  • Most of the Instagram scheduling tools save you from the stress of transferring your graphics and/or photos from your desktop to your mobile.

2.Reposting quickly with permission – A study by the global research company, Ipsos, found out that the user-generated content is 35% more memorable and is trusted 50% more than the traditional &non-user-generated media.

A great way to share user-generated content on Instagram is to repost images from a community. This strategy helps to grow your Instagram following by 300 % within three months. 

3.Planning the layout of your gallery – Instead of thinking about what posts to post every day, a good approach will be to plan out your posts with keeping your social media strategy in mind.

Instagram is also becoming a curated platform where both businesses and individuals only post best of their photos according to some specific themes instead of every photo they click. So, it’s important to have a well-curated and consistent profile gallery.

4. Using tools to separate content creation and engagement – For Instagram marketing to be successful, there are typically two main things you need to do:

  • Creating and/or scheduling content
  • Reverting back on comments and engaging with others

  It is easy to get distracted by the notification’s pop-up when all you want to do is to just publish a post.

A trick which can be used here is – a separate tool for scheduling so that you will be able to focus on creating content whenever you want to. Then, whenever you are on Instagram, you can solely focus on replying and engaging your customers.

5.Creating a week’s worth of posts in one go – Batching is one of the popular time management techniques which aims at maximizing concentration and increasing productivity. Here the main idea is, to perform similar tasks which require similar resources together.

Taking this technique of batching, to Instagram marketing, it would mean grouping of content creation and scheduling it, together instead of creating and publishing posts on every day basis and/or even numerous times in a day. Creating Instagram posts from scratch everyday will become very interruptive in your schedule.

Here are some things you can try:

  • Plan a photo-taking session for clicking multiple photos which can be used for a series of posts
  • Create and edit all the images which you want to post for the coming week altogether
  • Upload all the images on a scheduling tool and then add captions to them in one go

6.Scheduling time to engage – Another task you can add is responding and engaging with others on Instagram. By batching them and scheduling their time, you can gain control over your schedule rather being getting dictated by notifications.

7.Preparing commonly used hashtags – After an analyses of 65,000 social media posts for their study on hashtags, TrackMaven found that: Instagram posts with nine hashtags perform the best, with an average engagement of 28,548 interactions on per post.

Posts with more than 9 hashtags still have higher engagement compared to the posts with fewer than eight hashtags. This advises, that on Instagram, it is always better to be on the side of more hashtags rather than the fewer ones.

8.Using the same filter and/or edits – Another trick which might help you to save time and create a consistent profile gallery is –  using the same filter and/or edits for most/or even all your images.

By using the same filter and/or edits for all images, you can radically reduce the ‘editing time.’ This will not only save your time but will also help to keep all your Instagram posts consistent.

9.Repurpose posts on other platforms for Instagram (& vice versa) – 

It’s not necessary that your Instagram posts have to exist on Instagram only, and that’s the same for your other social media content. Rather than re-creating new content every time for all social media platforms, you can repurpose your posts (most of them) on other platforms for Instagram (and vice versa). This will also increase the impact of your content and will save your time from creating new content everytime. Are there any productivity tips which you have for fellow Instagram marketers? 

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