Tackle Negative Comments On Social Media

Have you ever received a negative comment on any of your social media accounts? Are you wondering how best to handle it? Whilst in the main social media has been great for small business it does give users the opportunity to say things they probably wouldn’t say face to face or over the phone.

Whether it’s a genuine customer issue, or a troll with nothing better to do, you need to maintain a professional standpoint.To help you in this, Digifish3 shares some of their tips for managing comments on social media in this article.

When a positive comment – use one of the golden words, thank them!

When a neutral comment –start a conversation with them, say hi!

When a negative comment – oops!! If your customers have reached here, it’s high time that you take reactions. The negative comment can be any of the following and you can react accordingly:

  • Genuine Complaint – if they file a genuine compliant you should acknowledge how they feel, engage them in customer service,move to private communication, via email or phone for complex or escalated cases.
  • Troll – if they are just trolling around, ignore them. However, don’t delete the comment.
  • Offensive or Malicious – if they are becoming way too offensive, take a screenshot of the comment and then remove it by explaining that it breached your “house rules”. You can also warn the offender or even block them if necessary
  • Spam – if it’s a spam, then delete it or treat as you would an offensive/malicious comment
  • Cause for Concern – such comments may have legal or criminal ramifications. Such as: threat of violence, defamation, PR disaster, breach of confidentiality, etc.Take screenshot of such comments immediately and escalate it to police, legal advisers or management for further advice as and when necessary

Whenever interacting with your customers, be it for positive comments or the negative ones, always Be Honest and Trustworthy.Communicate honestly about products and services. Don’t let your customers down. Act with integrity at all times.

To do all this, you also need to learn how to communicate with your audience on Social Media. For this you should:

  • Quickly and thoughtfully responds to tweets and @ mention
  • Send gifs and videos to personalize your message
  • Personalize each and every response of yours
  • Answers all their questions
  • Proactivity reach out to customers with potential issues
  • Reach out to potential customers who don’t even mention you directly.

Are there any tips and suggestions from your side? 

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