Social Media Strategy And Your Brand Story

The digital marketing world has been flourishing fast over a decade and social media is an essential part of it. The world has come online and social media is one of the most interesting platforms, which are helping individuals and business all at the same time. There are numerous websites, which avail you the platform to socialize and market your brand. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. are the few most important and reach-providing social media platforms for any business.   

If you own a business or plan to launch one, you must have a thought behind it too. This thought creates your brand story, and this brand story must come across in your marketing technique and strategy. No matter how simple a thought is, you should use the power of social media to project it in a larger than life manner. It’s your brand story after all!   

There are a few key points, which you should always keep in mind while designing your social media strategy. The right communication brings in the right audience and the right audience always helps you grow.   

Here is what you should think about in a complete social media strategy: 

  • Define your target audience 
  • Determine which platforms you will use 
  • Outline the types of content you will produce 
  • Determine your posting schedule 
  • Define your brand voice 
  • Define your engagement policy 
  • Outline a crisis management plan 
  • Determine what will be analyzed to determine growth and success and completion of your goals 
  • Define how you will analyze these things 
  • List any tools you will use to support your strategy, posting, engagement, and analysis 
  • Outline a time management schedule 
  • Determine your budget 

Apart from the key points mentioned above, there are a few more tips for you to have a great social media marketing strategy in place:   

  • Clear and engaging content for better consumer interaction  
  • Two-way communication for consumer gratification 
  • Always ask for feedback from your consumers/audience 
  • A friendly and social tone of voice helps you break the ice between you and your audience 
  • Use high quality images to attract your audience 

Always remember, you create a strategy for your brand and that strategy makes your brand in return, which implies you must put great effort in planning the right strategy for your brand story to come across in a positive way.   

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