Social Media Impact On Consumers

If you through social media platforms were just networking channels for the digitally aware, you are mistaken. While Facebook, Twitter and Instagram started out as social networking channels, they have gained more importance for the business community over time. They have empowered consumers and given them the freedom and power to choose over brands. Today the consumer makes or breaks a brand, thanks to social media intervention. Collectively, they are referred to as disruptive technologies which have given a makeover to business models of companys worldwide.

Social media has become an integral part of most marketing and communications plans. This is because consumers have become more digitally aware. Each day the number of internet users whether on a PC or on mobile phones is increasing. The consumer now doesnt restrict his opinion formation to advertising materials and PR generated content in traditional media these days. He is open to engaging with peers on social media to seek opinion and reviews before taking a call on which product or service he should use.

Hence, it is important that companies build their image on the social media platforms and open up channels for communication with their consumers online. The benefits of social media engagement are many!

The brands can engage directly with their consumers and solve their grievances or address their needs on a real time basis. Plus engagement in this manner, results in the generation of a lot of user generated content in the form of comments, testimonies etc. which is beneficial for the brand when it comes to garnering visibility among potential customers.

Social media engagement through chats, posts, re posts, forums etc. is a preferred medium of engagement among most companies today. More and more companies are now moving away from the legacy marketing strategies that were been used earlier to more efficient and integrated marketing strategies that include an element of social media marketing as well.

Over the years a number of new age marketing techniques have emerged. While digital marketing and SEO driven content marketing are talked about the most, social media marketing has also grabbed enough eye-balls because of its efficiency in addressing the needs of consumers. The advantage of having customers engage with companies directly on social media is not just beneficial to businesses but also to customers who feel empowered and important.

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