Small-Scale Businesses Grow With WhatsApp

It has not been a decade already andWhatsApp has seen over a billion downloads. Every second, thousands of messageskeep flooding the smart phones of people all around the world. From kids tograndparents, everyone is acquainted with this messenger. After the Facebookacquiring WhatsApp, there have been many enhancements. 

 WhatsApp is the most used messaging appthat’s instant and user-friendly. It is usually preferred over e-mails and SMS.With the feature of voice and video call, people are switching more toWhatsApp. These features have made WhatsApp even more accessible. 

While large-scale businesses have theirbrands and advertisements and are making a hefty profit, the small-scalebusiness is buried deep below them. Low funds and exposure create a hindrancein their path. With the growing rate of Internet users because of apps likeWhatsApp, this small-scale business can utilize this force of traffic to flowin their direction. Why and most importantly, how? 

What makes WhatsApp a popular app? Here arethe reasons: 

  • ·        Easy and free messages toanyone having the app all around the world.
  • ·        The features are simple to useand user-friendly.
  • ·        Voice and Video calls for freeof cost (Internet charges may apply)
  • ·        Share photos, location,documents and other types of media instantly.
  • ·        Update stories for people toknow your current state.
  • ·        A lot of other apps are under adirect ‘Share to WhatsApp’ button.
  • ·        Imports all your contactsautomatically, no hassle.

Why use WhatsApp for your business? Secretingredients below: 

  • ·        Wide network of customers -over a billion.
  • ·        Instant messaging and calloptions.
  • ·        Share your business storeslocation, photos of products and other documents instantly.
  • ·        Most importantly, everyonepossessing a smart has a WhatsApp account.

Over the past, WhatsApp has helped a lot ofpeople – from neighbours gossiping about other neighboursto farmers sharing advice about crops. Yes! With initiatives, a lot of farmersare linked on WhatsApp who share advice and alerts on WhatsApp group to theirfellow farmers.

 Seeing such demand, WhatsApp Inc. Hadrecently launched WhatsApp Business in the month of January and has been over amillion downloads already. It is a customised messaging app for the businesspurpose. It is similar to the WhatsApp application but the profile has beencustomised to the needs of Business. For example, there is an option to set thetimings of your company, a link to your website or face book page, descriptionof your store and/or your product, and the address of your store. With thisfeature, consumers get the pre-required information instantly and can messageyou on WhatsApp for further information. Along with this, there are otheramazing features that are business-centric. This makes it easier to have acustomer-producer conversation on WhatsApp. 

With the growth of digital media, themarket has seen an immense rise. The popularity of WhatsApp and now, WhatsAppBusiness can be used as a catalyst for the growth of the business. In the end,it all comes down to how well maintain your relations are with yourclients.  

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