Secrets For An Effective Social Media AD

Social Media Advertising is the easiest way to connect with wide audience, using lesser spend. As an entrepreneur, it is essential to know how we need to spend and in what direction to attain optimum results. Therefore, there are few simple, actionable tips an entrepreneur can keep in mind for effective social media ads to attain maximum consumer attention:

1) Create Multiple Versions on an Ad:

Creating multiple ad versions would help in understanding what works best and how the target audience can be adjusted.

The strategy by an entrepreneur would be:

Create a lot of ad variations.

Check often on how the ads are performing.

Deactivate the lowest performing ad and try something new.

In terms of testing out different ad copies, there are many recommendations for what might work. One can try question marks, power words, and time prompts. In terms of images, one can use product pictures, people and faces. When it comes to customizing the audience, one can personalize the post and showcase. Select less target audience and promote an ad, which gives a lower CTR for maximum return to the investment one makes in advertising on social media.

2) Make Use of the Learn More Button:

When an individual is creating ads for Facebook news feed, one has a chance to include one of the seven buttons in their ad.

When in doubt, its best to choose a button instead of no button. The best button of all is the, Learn More button.

The button can be added in the bottom section of Facebook ads editor. There are seven button options to choose from:

Shop Now


Book Now

Learn More

Sign Up

Watch More

Contact Us

The reason why this button works best is that it focuses on the ad in a greater degree. Adding a button enhances the call-to-action and primes a reader to take an action. The Learn More button seems to be working best for overall engagement. Research showcases that the Learn More button helps increasing conversions and decreases the cost per click.

3) Create a Custom Landing Page:

If conversion is the goal of the social media ad- signups, sales, etc., then one has to think not only of the ad but also where the person might end up once they click.

Social Media Ads are a two steps process:

Create an ad

Create the destination

The more targeted the ad, the more targeted the landing page needs to be.

Key elements for social media ad landing pages are:

Key Visuals

Limited Form Fields

Goal- Driven Copy Length

A Single Call to Action

Responsive Design, i.e., Mobile Friendly Design

Many e-commerce ads have showcased that job targeting a single product and then sending a person to the main product page, full of menus and related products is attracting large group of audience. The above social media landing page elements if kept in mind can really grow network online.

4) Mention the Price up Front:

Pre- qualifying the traffic is another tip for increasing the audience through social media ads. An entrepreneur would only want people clicking through their ad, and paying the price for the product. The key for the same is sharing the price of the product early.

Before a user pays the price, they would know that they like the product and then click to view and pay the price for the same. The same would save the pay-per-click cost and would serve the conversion rate amount spent.

The goal would not be people clicking the ad, it would be clicking an ad and eventually buying the product or service.

5) Promote a Discount:

Mentioning a discount in the body copy of your social media ad is a simple strategy for a successful campaign. Adding discounts doesnt necessarily always need to be tied up with huge sale events. The discount can be offered in three different pricing options:

Free Give away

Awesome Prices (Lower prices)

Business Vouchers

One can explore different discounting forms when showcasing their products online, to attain maximum consumer attention.

6) Filter out the Mobile Traffic:

When one is creating a social media ad, they would have an option of segmenting the audience by a number of factors, including the ones using desktop/laptop versus a mobile device.

To fully optimize conversion rate, one must show their ads to those on desktops and laptops, and not showcase their ad to mobile users. Mobile visitors are less likely to convert and sign up. If conversion is the goal, then focusing on desktop audience is the key to increase consumers.

7) Focus on Relevance Score:

Relevance score helps explain the way Facebook views an ad and why it might prefer certain ads versus the others. Testing an ad on small budget is good, as it will help in adjusting the targeting in the longer run.

Relevance score is calculated on the basis of actual and expected positive and negative feedback from the ads target audience. The score is updated in real-time as the users interact and provide their feedback both in positive as well as negative in one particular ad.

Positive feedback would have people liking, commenting and sharing your ad and also clicking on the ads and going to the website, if the option is present on the ad showcased. Negative feedback would have people hiding your ad or clicking on option of not to see the ad in future

All is delivered on a scale of 1 to 10 and based on real interactions; there is a 500 daily impressions minimum order to receive the first score.

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