Owe An E-Commerce Business? Add Shoppable Instagram Posts Into Your E-Commerce strategy

With Instagram shoppers able to purchase directly through posts, the obvious path to buy makes the platform enticing for retailers. Instagram can be a giant sales driver for brands, and its versatile advertising options are pushing that capability higher and better. The popular social media platform has created its advertising platform a lot more powerful and accessible than ever before, and advertisers are currently reaping the advantages. Instagram has made an exponential growth by permitting users to buy directly through posts, greatly simplifying the way to purchase and creating the platform even a lot of enticing for retailers.

Do you need shoppable posts for your business?

So, are these influential new Instagram ads right for your business? Of course, most companies benefit from a strong social media presence, but there are no one-size-fits-all strategies. Think about the following questions when you’re making your decision for your business:

  • Does your brand already have an active Instagram presence?
  • Do you have products that could be added into a shoppable post?
  • Do you have access to high-quality image content that you can tag with products?
  • What are your current advertising goals? Is it for Brand awareness, Lead generation or for Conversions?

If you’re assured that shoppable posts are right for your brand, it’s easy to get started. To get shoppable posts, your brand first needs to have both a Facebook Shop and an Instagram Business account. You’ll then need to link the two and ask Instagram for its approval to start selling. For more details, Instagram has a comprehensive guide to the setup process available online.

Use content that speaks about your product!

Creating a quality Instagram post is just as important of a skill as it’s ever been. The platform still ranks high-engagement content — content that people want to share, like, click on or otherwise interact with. Trying to figure out precisely what the algorithm wants will eventually be less successful than focusing on content that people enjoy and find beneficial.

You shouldn’t need to rework on your Instagram content strategy to create useful shoppable posts. Every brand will, of course, have its way, but here are a few types of posts that lend themselves well to adding shopping links

  • Posts highlighting seasonal products
  • Celebrity connect or influencer endorsements
  • Ideas for fun, exciting or other uses of your products
  • Visually pleasing photography
  • Gift guides for holidays/festivals
  • Beginner’s guides for getting into a new hobby or sport

The hour of the Instagram advertiser-seller is finally here in earnest, and it’s one of the most exciting times in recent memory for social media strategies. Shoppable Instagram posts are easy to use and open ample of new options. So, if you think they’re right for your brand – seek and play!

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