Myths about Social Media and Content Marketing

Those who work with content and social media team eat, breathe and sleep daily on stuff related to social media and content. But at the same time when we encounter people who don’t get what they mean, we are just left to think about how they are looking at this from a different perspective. Digifish3 being a social media agency receives a lot of queries about social media marketing and content marketing, queries that we have never heard before and we never knew existed and much of what we have come to believe and think are wrong. They are just myths and it is high time to crush them.

# MYTH 1: Social media marketing is only for generating brand awareness

 Social media marketing which is done through a lot of social media marketing companies can get your brand in front of a lot of people and gather a lot of attention but thinking that social media is only meant for brands will make you look like a fool. Thinking that social media marketing is just meant for generating brand awareness comes from an entire generation where marketers whose key objective was to generate traffic for their brand. Social media should be about building a connection with the customers by providing them tutorials about your brand, giving them something interesting or more possibly entertaining, satirical pieces or dramatic pieces.

# MYTH 2: Social is not measurable

Social media is measurable and according to the Trust Radius Research, almost 80% of marketers’ measure engagement, 61% measure audience, 32% measure leads, 24% measure revenue and 56% measure the traffic. Metrics are easily traceable and this shouldn’t come out as a surprise and these metrics are related to the ROI.

# MYTH 3: Social media is for creating new customers

Most of the people who you are communicating through your social media are mostly your current customers and proper research shows that more than 80% of the fans are on average the current and former customers of your brand. People stick around to what they like and this becomes a way to recognize you on social media.

# MYTH 4: You should ignore negative feedback

This is a long unanswered question that whether you should answer or ignore the negative feedback on social media. The feedback directly comes from the people who are using your products and services, then take time out and listen to them because this feedback matters and it is worth considering. There are chances that this feedback is given to you either to appreciate how great you and your business are or to tell you about the various ways in which you can improve. There are going to be cases where you find the feedback constructive but look at it from a perspective through which you can grow and excel.

 # MYTH 5: Content marketing and social media are separate initiatives

Content and Social media go hand in hand. If the content is a fish then we must accept that social media is the ocean. Social media is used to drive cognizance and awareness of the content that you’re posting related to your company. Social media and content were and will always work hand in hand and very closely.

All these might be a lot of points to process, but at the same time it is also very important to stop these myths from circulating. Just remember that your content is worthy and they can work for any kind of business and it takes special efforts to create it in the right way. Content marketing and social media marketing are a combination of tactical and well-tuned strategies.

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