Infallible Tips to Boost your Social Media Engagement

The social media picture changes as soon as you blink. New ideas, trends, and movements pop up as soon as new features and new algorithms are introduced to humans. Old topics become outdated and new topics spread like wildfire. Over 700 million people actively use Instagram daily, 26% are more likely to view ads online on Twitter, and live videos are already a trending topic for more than 42% of people on Facebook. If these things don’t make you believe that social media engagement can do wonders for your brand then I don’t know what will.

Social media has taken over the rightful kingdom of marketing and brand growth. If done right, its effect can create waves of optimism for many businesses to enhance brand awareness and upsurge conversions to improve company profits. The key to an ultimate social media experience is engagement. Follow the steps listed below to increase your social media engagement and to achieve business growth:

  • Talk about the topic: Social media is a place where you will always come in contact with new people and gain the attention of someone new to your brand. So, is always good to keep talking to them about your brand. Creating more content and publishing on your social media is an absolutely basic but still an amazing way to let them know about what you have been trying to say through your brand.
  • Incorporate images in your posts: the most powerful weapon out there to garner attention is to give them visually pleasing images. Studies show that images lead to an 85% interaction rate on Face book and it increases the shares of content by 35%. Pictures draw attention and them also at the same time make sure that the person who is scrolling reads the content present on it. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest have grown on the sole power of visual storytelling. Play with frames, filters, make it horizontal on odd days and maybe vertical on even ones but keep experimenting, keep using elements in such a way that the audience resonates with your images and content.
  • Make it funny: if it is appropriate then it is never too harmful to make them a smile a little. Incorporate humor with your content, make them want to read it for the thrill and make them want to go on thinking that the best punch line is yet to come. Brands like Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonald’s, Moon Pie have a huge fan base and let me tell you, more than half of them are there for the creativity that these brands are creating online. It is always hard to break the ice in the beginning because even your most loyal customer will scroll through your feed if they find it extravagantly promotional. When you add humor, you add value and you add wittiness and that brings smiles and garners attention. Be smart with the humor, make it lighthearted and not mean because it might backfire.  
  • Ask for feedback and reviews: Get them talking and ask them how they feel and about their opinions. Value them like never before. If they are supporting you by using your product or your brand then there is a possibility that they want to talk about it. All you need to do is to ask them to give you their prestigious feedback. You can always ask them to leave their opinions and feedback on your review page or directly in your feedback section on various social media sites. Keep reminding people that you want to hear them and they matter. This feedbacks will help in making the new products better and make the already good ones even more effective. And if they only have positive feedback then I don’t think that there should be a problem.
  • Add relevant hash tags to your posts: Another way to get them talking is by playing it smart and by using hashtags. Hashtags not only act as keywords that stand out but they are responsible for making it easy for people to track discussion around a certain topic and it also helps in connecting with other people who are using a particular hashtag. Coca-cola came up with the #ShareACoke hashtag across multiple social media sites or channels including Instagram. This is a great idea to connect with every user and engage with them. Hashtags help in reaching out to people who are your followers and even to those who are not your followers who are looking for the same information. Hashtags have simplified the process of engaging with customers and potential customers who are willing to get involved.

These are some ways to connect with your audience and increase social media engagement. And if you still don’t have a clue get in touch with the nearest and the most experienced social media agencies and let them help you put your brand at the top position and build the social media engagement needed for your success!

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