5 Social Media Tools You Need

Social media marketing is one of the most effective online marketing strategies. If you want to grow your presence and build awareness about your business, you will need to invest in right social media marketing tools.   

However, if you want to up level your social media campaigns, these tools will help you to find more content to share, schedule your post effectively, measure and analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns.  

Here is a list of 5 social media tools, a marketer should try:  

Social Drift

Social Drift is the best tool to increase your Instagram followers. Using machine-learning algorithms, it sends automated likes, comments, or follows. This motivates Instagram users to visit your account, which improves reach and drives more followers.  

Follower work

Follower work is a tool used with Twitter. It helps you to analyze and optimize your Twitter audience, suggest people for you to follow. Follower work breakout your followers by location, bio, who they follow and more. It contrasts your relations with competitors and friends.    

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is very simple and affordable tool for social media management. It has. The basic features like scheduling and analytics. It allows you to run contests, quizzes, and promotions. It also allows you to see how your social media marketing campaign measure up against your competitors.  


Facebook offers you targeting option known as custom audiences. Marketer Uploads a list of emails to face book then its matches the emails used by people on the platform. It is particularly a type of ad because it allows marketers to personalize everything according to a campaign they want.   Marketers can integrate Facebook with a marketing automation platform to ensure that list of contacts is being served ads.  


Audisense is a social intelligence tool. It helps you to discover new target audiences. Basically, it helps you to understand your audience by telling you how they stick. It also allows you to optimize your audience engagement with tracking and reports.  These social media marketing tools will help you take your results to the next.

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