The Effective Ways To Convert Your YouTube Viewers To Subscribers

YouTube is becoming more significant as brands look forward to expanding the use of video as a quality engagement opportunity. LEGO is one such great example of a brand invested in YouTube and is consistently growing a large video subscriber base from the platform. Businesses of any size can build and grow with the same type of resource. One technique that can help you straight away is taking advantage of a simple YouTube feature that most channels ignore. Whenever a new viewer lands on your YouTube page, you can control the video that starts playing right away. YouTube calls this video placement its channel’s featured content. And you can even target a new audience for your channel for a “Channel Trailer.”

This is a potent default option. Make sure you are using this feature to create tailored content for this definite purpose. Subscriber videos are a bit different than what you are already doing on YouTube. Here are five tips for making one that converts.

1. Introduce yourself

Greet them well. Say hi to the audience; tell them about yourself and your role in the company. Provide credibility and share why you are on YouTube and with what purpose.

2. Identify the audience

Let them know that they are engaging with the right business and how the place is right for them. Describe the target audience for this channel and what their needs are. Interact with them. Your goal is not to go viral; it’s to find the right target audience.

3. Call to action

Make an explicit request to them to click the subscribe button and give them compelling reasons to do so. Give them enough reasons to subscribe without begging them to accept.

4. Share a vision

Express your vision for the future of this channel and how it would mark an impact. Sell them on the concept and try to associate them with yourself.

5. Restate call to action

Re-ask for them to subscribe and direct them to other relevant videos for them to watch next. Those next videos can pitch them or make them aware of the products, services, or another call to action. These new videos rise what YouTube calls, session time. It is defined as how much a viewer watches in a row on your channel for multiple videos. Session time is essential because it also really helps your videos rank in YouTube search and recommendations. If you want YouTube to work for your business, a subscriber video is a master key in your arsenal. Follow the above few essentials watch the fans roll in!

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