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Everything is presented online. We shop, research, watch, play, chat and spend most of our lives on apps or websites. Online reviews have become the major factor that affects businesses and brand’s reputation and online ranking. In fact, 90% of consumers read online reviews, be it for a movie review, shopping, or any booking, etc.   

Your company provides a product or service to the customers, and then. The same customer tells his/her experience to the world through online reviews. These reviews help business to build their digital portfolio. Google’s markup of a company in search can now include online reviews and rating.  

Important Stats about online reviews  

  • 67% consumers are influenced by online reviews. 
  • 87% consumers trust the personal recommendation from somebody they know. 
  • Even negative reviews enhance conversion rates.  It’s not like negative reviews are good for business, but diversity in your reviews is trust worthier than 100% good reviews. 
  • 78% consumer feels that a business cares about their consumer if they respond to the reviews and take actions for their better experience. 

Google Reviews Impact  

Google is more reliable for reviews, as it is the biggest search engine in the world. And it is also found to be the most important review site for buying decision. Google reviews can also increase your click-through rates. So, positive reviews on Google can help you get more clicks.    

Yelp Reviews Impact   

Don’t underestimate the power of Yelp. With more than 127 million reviews, it is the Godfather of online review platforms. Yelp can do a lot for local business. An increasing Yelp rating can lead to 5-9 percent hype in revenue.   

Facebook Reviews Impact   

Facebook influences user’s purchase decisions. 74% of Facebook users found for information about business in those reviews play an extremely important role.  Online reviews are important for both to customers and business. In past era, personal recommendations were key to influence a buyer’s decisions, but in today’s digital era these decisions influenced by online reviews.

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