Protect Your Site From Mobilegeddon

Are you wondering what is Mobilegeddon, used by Google?

It is nothing but a latest update by Google, to cater to mobile friendly websites.

Recently, Google has officially launched its Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm. As per Google the sites that arent mobile friendly are likely to drop in traffic from mobile users and sites that are mobile friendly. This latest update by Google needs to be known by the marketers, website owners and SEO managers.

If we talk about in a general, we want to know why Google rolled out an update that encourages website owners who have a mobile- friendly site. We can simple say; the time spent on browsing internet on desktops has been surpassed by mobile.

You can protect your website by following ways:

1. Check website on Googles mobile- friendly test: Use Googles mobile- friendly test to check whether your site can meet the basic requirements. If it requires any changes, then Google would list down the necessary changes that must be made on the website.Dont let mobilegeddon hit your website.

2. Content needs to be mobile friendly The content should be mobile friendly as there is lot of difference between the searches of desktop and the ones on mobile. The search on mobile and desktop are not equal. Mobile search is done by users, to get information instantly. On the contrary, desktop search is lengthier and gives detailed information. Therefore, creating the content and layout for each site should be different.

3. Website to be responsive- As per Google, create a responsive website, to give users a good consumer experience. Creating different layout for mobile and desktop is a very essential part of this process, as a single website responds to various devices then. Also, we can go with another option by creating separate mobile website. However, the content will give same information in a two different formats. Connecting with an organization who has an in depth knowledge about various digital media solutions is the best option for brands or marketers today. Become Global, Digitally.

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