7 Reasons You Should App-Ify Your Business

You know now is the time when you need to invest in mobile apps because the number of smartphones are increasing in our country. (Now that is hypothetical analysis, maybe not). A study done by E-marketer reveals that the number of mobile phone users will surpass 5 billion people worldwide by 2018. People carry their smart phone devices almost everywhere and all the time, so that they stay connected virtually with their world always. But think – does the world they are always connected with, includes your brand? 

Almost all of you will say a big ‘YES’ because you have a mobile-friendly website. But with such abundance of mobile phones in the market, are you sure that just having a mobile site is enough? No, not really. There are studies which revealed that users perform better on mobile apps compared to mobile-sites. Below are 7 reasons that will tell why you should have a mobile application for your business:

1. For giving a seamless experience to your customers – Both the app stores of Google and Apple’s prefer least speed requirements for mobile app listing. This is because, it will ensure that the users get instant and smooth experience while accessing apps, which will further boost engagement and action levels for your business. This is more helpful in the case when your business does not have a mobile-optimized website, then it becomes extremely difficult and irritating to browse through such a site. 

2. An extension of your brand – An application is an extension of your brand, as it will showcase everything about your business, products and/or services. It is more like a consolidation of a mini billboard, advertising PR, and a salesman all into one which your customer can access on smartphone 24*7. 

3. Increasing brand awareness and recall – A mobile application is like a blank billboard canvas which you can use for promoting your business in the way you want. You can design it in the way you want like informal, stylish, functional or informative. The ultimate objective is to create an application which your audience will appreciate by seamlessly aligning the brand and let the customers take benefit of the product/services available. An application development will also increase engagement and exposure of your brand by nearly 10%.

4. Be unique, unlike your competitors – Since a lot of mid-sized and small-scale business owners don’t have mobile applications till date, so to maximize the revenues it is one of the great opportunities for their business to head start the trend and rank ahead of the competitors always. 

5. Pace up engagement around your brand – Studies have shown that there are more than 83% of smartphone users who start their day by checking out their phones, news feed on different social media sites or use an application. Mobile applications also enable a brand to engage in real-time with customers, use the location of the customer and sometimes use complete profile information. Sharing updates on social media help in creating a direct link between the fans and their own networks, which can also open up a wide range of referral marketing for the brand by creating customer loyalty via sincere connections. 

6. Your very own digital space – You also have an opportunity of clubbing all the online platforms at a single place and wrap it and give it to your customers as an application. Be it any social networking medium like a website, Facebook page, blog, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Podcast, or some other digital platform your customer/client can use the application for interacting with you and this will increase the possibilities of customer engagement. 

7. Instant and excellent customer support – Customer is the God for businesses (any businesses), and a mobile application can help the customer in understanding the path your business is taking. Customers who are frequently using a mobile application are also considered to be actively involved in the feedback process. The feedback whether positive or negative will help you in devising policies& plans for strengthening your business. The application will also enable your customers to get in touch with you throughout the day with their list of queries. These queries can be answered in a shorter turn-around time, making your customer feel even more valued.

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