What Is This Brandship Everyones Talking About

Brandship or Brand Relationship refers to repeated interactions between a brand and its users. This is a provider- consumer relationship, where a brand creates a product and the consumer makes use of it.

However, it was rightly quoted by the father of advertising, David Ogilvy A brand is a consumers idea of a product. Once a brand is introduced in the market, their content decides whether the consumer would find it interesting. Gradually through digital initiatives they gain trust of their users by going social, engaging them and connecting with them. Its their core values that customers relate to and tender towards.

Once a marketer understands the needs of his target audience and delivers to them exactly what they need; I repeat, NEED not WANT; thats when a consumer gets fascinated and emotionally attached. For instance, Ex- investment banker Falguni Nayar saw the need for a multi-brand retail format that gives unbiased advice to consumers, being able to guide them on the right products for their beauty and health concerns. Thats how e-commerce store Nykaa.com was launched. Nykaa.com is a first of its kind e-store that caters to beauty and wellness needs of consumers, online. Its not that they are unaware of other options, it is that they feel a connection with these brands and products. Consumers know that their need has been acknowledged, which makes them feel attached and are motivated to maintain it.

Consumers feel motivated to continue this connection through consumption of that brand, its knowledge and exposure. This means they develop a parasocial connection and not only use the product repeatedly but also use various means to feel connected to that brand, by following every single social media account they own, engage in online communities, spread the word of mouth, etc.

Taking steps that involve customer engagement is one of the biggest assets of a brand.

Retweeting, Reposting, Sharing or even replying to comments and messages by followers on social media

Regular giveaways, discounts, meet & greet events, online contesting

Offering loyalty programs, rewards and coupons on subscribing to their emails

Offer personalized products & promotions

giving office tours or inviting followers to apply at their company

It is important for brands to pick the most relevant platforms to connect with their audience and share content that reflect their core values. The more human a brand is, the more secure its users feel. This is what differentiates a brand from a regular company. A customers acceptance of a product, his satisfaction and loyalty is what makes up a brand.

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