What Is Public Relation

What is Public Relations?

The best way to define public relations according to the Public Relations Society of America PRSA is that it is a ?strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their publics?.

PR public relations people are storytellers who create narratives to advance their perspective. PR is used to formulate, protect and look after the reputations of the organisations through social media, media or self-produced communications. An ideal PR practitioner is identified by his/her excellent ability to analyse an organisation, pick out the positive messages and then translate them into positive stories for the public.

Can digital PR replace traditional PR?

There are enough words and theories going around stating that with enough people reading the tweets and Facebook updates, digital public relations can replace quotes published in The Telegraph or The Times of India. This concept could never be true as digital PR serves as an excellent amplifier but could not solely run the traditional media?s job singlehandedly.

Digital PR services are ideal for strengthening ties with all the players within your social graph. Let us form a clearer idea what digital public relations include:

  • Content development
  • Social media optimisation
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Online media coverage
  • Websites and blogs
  • Online newsrooms

As you understand from the list above that digital PR agencies would particularly help you to build online public relationships by planting stirring contents,energetic updates, and online enthusiasm. The social media includes conversations on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter while the digital marketing advertising agencies make sure that there is enough support and operations for these conversations so that they are relevant and promising for healthier relations.

Are public relations and advertising different?

The simplest way to distinguish between public relations and advertising would be to call the former as earned media and the latter as a paid media.

The prime public relations strategy is to persuade writers, journalists and reporters to write positive stories about the client, candidate, brand or issue you are representing. These stories then go into the editorial sections of newspapers, Tv stations, website or magazine, unlike the advertisements since they go to the advertisement section of these categories.

Another basic difference between PR and advertisement is the price matter. While media and public relations agencies can be hired as monthly retainers or for particular projects, advertisements agencies could come at incredible charging rates.

Public relations is inarguably more down-to-earth field since it deals with real crises management, maintaining thereputation and long-term relationships so that the client?s or the brand?s cause is accepted by others. Advertisement focuses on what people want to hear and dispelling reality-bites, it promotes unrealistic goals and overreaching vows.

Public relations keeps the world business running

There is a massive competition in the world business and for gaining new customers, each business must distinguish itself from others. The job of making them stand out as winners and positive symbols is that of the public relations companies who create an amiable and optimistic reputation of such businesses. A strong relationship with the customers encourages the company to gain bigger contacts into their social spheres, thereby, enhancing their growth all the while.

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