What Digital Marketing Brings For Us In 2017

2016 was a year full of surpises for the marketing sector. A rise in video marketing and social media marketing was witnessed along with critical Seo techniques.

No stone was left unturned to utilize what ever tools could be used on social media platforms and Client management was at its best with employment of customer engagement tools online.

All in All 2016 marked the inception of Digital Marketing Era.

Marketing is a field dominated by the ones who can foresee the trends in the coming months and plan ahead so as to be at pace .So heres a piece of information for you to plan your digital marketing techniques accordingly in 2017:

1. Augmented reality- With the introduction of Pokemon Go , marketers found massive opportunity in the scope of augmented reality.It is said to be the NEXT BIG THING .

The gap between Virtual and physical reality is bridged by the introduction of Augmented Reality.

It creates a digital layer onto the world around us , and in doing so it tries to enhance it (unlike Virtual reality where it is replaced).Hence , AR is said to provide a better experience in doing everyday tasks. Although it is still in its early stages of development , its attracting attention from big investors who find this as one of the most progressive technologies to engage and entertain customers.

2. Mobile based SEO? Mobile phones are now replacing desktops as primary device used to access websites. People are connected 24/7 to their social media networks via apps and tend to lose interest if a site or an app isnt mobile friendly. Companies are now adopting responsive design practices , so as to provide their users with mobile friendly experience.So in 2017 we say , the goal should be to create mobile focused websites to drive conversions. Mobile optimization should be strictly followed to develop a strategic plan to improve customer engagement and retention.These steps will inturn improve SEO ranking and reap full engagement value for customers.

3. Wearables- Technology Wearables are the biggest innovations that are yet to drop that we?re looking forward to playing with over the next twelve months.2017 is going to be quite a dynamic year for this category. With the introduction of voice assistants in watches, more personalized coaching as well as feedback and longer-lasting battery tech , wearables are soon going to give a competition to the the common wrist watches and who knows, maybe even replace them in near future.Companies are looking forward to practice digital marketing techniques to be incorporated in these wearables , 2017 will show us how.

4. Live video Steaming- Youtube is said to be the pioneer of video content and now social media is taking it to the next level by offering the content in real-time.

Live video is slowly becoming the internets favorite shiny new toy. Live streaming video was first made popular by Twitters Periscope.And now Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram have all released live video offerings as well. Social media platforms are becoming fascinated with live, authentic content. Live Social videos have much more engagement than any other content format and its something that will stand out in the saturated world of content .

So these are the predicitions for the upcoming trends in digital marketing in 2017. Lets hope the tarots are in your favour!

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