The Digital Journey: 2019 – 2020

All of us are aware that social media is a big strength when it comes to internet marketing.  Digital Marketing strategies rely a lot upon social media with the changing brand-consumer connection. Digital marketing has grown a lot over the years, especially from 2005 to 2019 and since then there is no looking back. Still, wondering why your brand needs a digital marketing strategy? Without a digital marketing strategy, you’re directionless. Form a strategy to figure out how you want to reach your brand goals. Without having a strategy in place, you would not be able to connect with your existing audience and nor attain the audience you are will to connect with.


  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: 2020 might be the year of AI dominance as it can easily analyze consumer behavior and search patterns. It can also use data from all the social media sites to help all the businesses grow and bloom. It is the major technology that is behind smart assistants and voice search. With the help of AI, chatbots have been made which are now a part of numerous websites. One should never forget the human intervention in marketing, amid the growing dependency of AI.
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: The good old days of traditional marketing are gone and it is the age of leveraging your consumers. Great customer experience is one of the ways to retain and attain new customers. Nowadays people are buying things based on how much have they heard about it. The more people talk about it, the more it is possible that someone is going to connect/attain the brand. People are paying attention to experience brand promotions than anything else. Customer experience is more about directing the entire consumer journey and to look at points where they had to interact with you. The best way to improve this platform is by creating the best user-centric design and by offering the consumers personalized engagements and a very clear path towards resolution.
  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: If you are managing an organization there will be people who will always be working for you and it is your responsibility to make them feel wanted, special, and respected. They should always know that they are worth it. According to research, there are 51% of people who are constantly looking for new jobs while they are working for one agency. After this being said you must be wondering what exactly employee engagement has got to do with marketing! Well, let me voice it to you, my marketing friends, employee engagement has got to do everything with marketing. Without an army of dedicated, determined, and engaged employees your marketing efforts are completely worthless. Engaged employees are pure treasure who can give you the best marketing ideas. They can help you in becoming the brand advocates that you never knew existed in the first place. In today’s world as a company, you should look at the big picture, understand your employees and make them also feel connected to the bigger cause, so that they can feel worthy.
  • DATA VISUALISATION: To understand the visualization part one needs to be familiar with what is data. Data is just a lot of information and statistics, numbers, and maybe more numbers that are collected and stored but if we skip to data visualization, we understand that it has a purpose of its own and with this, a user doesn’t have to interpret all the numbers and the intricate data because it is presented to them in an amazingly pleasing way through data visualization. Now just think when one sees a bar graph and when one sees numbers in a written format. What would one prefer, visual representation for sure!
  • Personalization: The way through which you can have a real connection between your brand and the audience is by personalizing the marketing ways and by building a real connection between the target audience and the brand. The more you make your brand stand out from the things that everybody is doing the more you realize that it is about being effective and active. There are various ways to introduce personalization like website copies, e-books, webinars, social media posts, emails, content that is interactive and beyond. The steps involved are planning your strategy, setting up the program, choosing and then implementing the greatest marketing tactics.
  • Digital Marketing journey is long for any brand, and it is the need of the hour for a brand to understand the market and grow on the web space. The journey for brands on the Digital space has just begun and has a wide scope to grow and attain better brand connect.

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