Social Media Can Either Make Or Break A Brand

Growing up in the 21st century, it is assumable that we are all well acknowledged with the revolution of the internet, which has brought the world together. Not only has it changed our approach towards problem-solving but has also greatly affected our lifestyles. Consequently, with the advent of social media, it was apparent that it took a deeper dive into the subject. People started exploring the globe at their fingertips. Connections got stronger and the world became smaller. However, with the evolution of something so revolutionary, it sure had to have an impact both ways, boosting and online damage of your reputation.

The exposure, social media provides to our generation, comes with a non-detachable condition of maintaining a well-established reputation. One can go on with historical goodwill, but yet has to work regularly on its progression when it comes to social postings and feedback. Social media is what builds us both, personally and professionally. We are constantly judged upon the number of likes, followers, the status of comments and reviews. It is hence, important to have a positive amount of all of these. People tend to make decisions upon popularity, today. This alone led to the emergence of various SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) companies, which ensured a brand’s notability in the market. If a brand wishes to reach out to a larger segment of the crowd for sales, it needs to make an identity in the market and earn respect and trust, through its name and unique individual works.

Nowadays, almost everything is accessible through social media, be it, news, sports, entertainment, or any update related to the globe. However, it is up to the public to decide the sum of authority it should hold. A vivid wave of rumours and false news sails on our feeds, every day. If taken into a priority by the masses, it can ruin the image of a person or a firm, without even the slightest mention of the lawful judgment passed. Hence, working with social media gets really tricky at times. One has to legit and present our online presence rightfully, with a clean and non-corrupt name, on this public platform. Else, it possesses enough power to raise someone to stardom or shame another in seconds.

As of today, the world population is more than 6.5 billion. Out of which, more than 50% is the younger generation, i.e., under 30 years of age. The population of youth up to 18 years is more than 1 billion. About 2.5 billion people worldwide are attached with social media of any sort. These are the people who play quite a decisive role in making a brand/product, a huge success or total doom failure. Moreover, youths are less connected to the traditional mode of advertising, such as newspaper, television, radio, etc. Which is why, whenever there is a requirement for advertising agencies to use traditional mode of mass communication, they select programmes like sports and reality shows, which very casually attracts a voluminous crowd of youngsters. Therefore, to entice brand ambassadors and end users for a product, agencies are more and more drawn towards social media that has the potential to either make or break a brand/product/individual, whichever suits better.

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