New Digital Marketing Tools 2015

Changing market needs new innovations to keep it up to date to the requirements and stay strong in the competition. With the era of digital marketing going strong, certain new tools were the need of the hour. Data driven tools can potentially make the biggest impact.

The New Digital Marketing Tools 2015 are:

1) Content Curation Tool
Visual and Micro Content has maximum impact. Tools managing the creation and publication of the content from diverse sources is an important part of content marketing.
1) Kapost
2) Curata
3) Percolate

2) Content Recommendation, Personalization, Retargeting and Effectiveness Review Tool

Even if one has created an excellent content, they still have to go through the challenge of connecting with audiences. Dynamic recommendation of relevant content for a visitor can be of good assistance here.
Site personalization technologies have been used for targeting products and offers to visitors & customer sites. This was restricted to e-commerce domain as of now. But the new tools would now make the explanation possible.
1) Demandbase (B2B)
2) Evergage (B2B and B2C)
3) Idio (B2B and B2C content recommendations)
4) BrightInfo (A cost-effective tool for content recommendations to boost conversions suitable for blogs)
5) Monetate (Ecommerce)

3) Content Distribution Services
Content distribution can be divided into two- Organic and Paid sharing via social networks.
The tools featured here would focus around organic distribution:
1) Hootsuite
2) Oktopost
3) Sendible
There are a few tools, which help advertise or remarket across the social media. Adroll is known as the best tool featuring remarking via Facebook, Twitter, Mobile and Media sites.

4) Integrated SEO, Content and Social Media Management
The tools have been originated as SEO tools, but are now expanding into social
media and content management.
1) Analytics SEO
2) Moz
3) Raven Tools

5) User Engagement and Value Optimization

Most of the businesses today use a web analytics service to track visitors to there
website. Google analytics is the most popular and powerful service. It can tell the
businesses the number of users, its source, and the journey of the user through the
site. Their limitation is that most of the data is shown in aggregate for different
The other tools which are available in the market offer user base, value base
focus, which Google has been applying.
1) Kissmetrics
2) Chartbeat (Publisher focus)
3) Ecommera (Ecommerce)
4) Mixpannel (Mobile focus plus web)

6) Actionable Analytics and Intelligent Analytics

Google analytics and the other analytics services mentioned under #5 have certain limitations. They require experience to know HOW to apply the data they present. The users have to know the right questions to ask, and how to customize the tool for their business.
Google has not evolved its intelligence service, but the new tools are becoming available including a new dashboard and recommendations service.
1) Quil Engage
2) Smart Insights
3) Google Analytics Intelligence & Alerts

7) Conversion Optimization to Experience Optimization
We have been viewing AB & multivariate testing from a long time. But these tools tend to focus on single pages rather than overall customer journey. They have been growing tremendously, as they are easy to setup and use.
Tools that support analysis across customer journeys and channels are evolving:
Popular AB Testing Tools
1) Visual Website Optimizer
2) Optimizely
3) Unbounce

Customer Journey Tools-
1) EPiServer
2) Sitecore
3) Adobe Customer Experience Manager

8) Digital Channel Sales Optimization
Ecommerce platform focus on serious business of getting the merchandise across homes, category and product pages. Claris Insights is a relatively new tool that presents commercial insights to retailers and brands so that can optimize their merchandise. It is an expensive tool.
The above mentioned are few new tools for digital marketing 2015, which are going to make this genre notice a considerable change and help grow and broaden its horizon.

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