How are Brands Celebrating Festivals?

How are Brands Celebrating Festivals?

India is known for its culture and the festivities that it celebrates throughout the year. Be it Diwali, Eid, Holi, Navratri or Christmas, Indians celebrate every festival with the same passion and excitement. These occasions are for sharing happy memories and recreating blissful moments. And in a country like India where most of the decisions and the purchases during the festival days are driven by emotions, this time is seen as a  huge opportunity by the big brands and organizations to attract their clients and customers and keep them connected. Brand campaigns focus on discounts, sale, offers, etc. and try and trigger brand sales. Brands are of the consent that festivals are a good idea and time for them to connect with as many buyers as possible. This is usually recognized as occasion-based marketing and during this time a lot of companies and brands are trying to promote them by providing the audience with some elements with which they can relate and connect.

According to reports, India is at second position in the entire world for having a huge number of smartphone users and for a lot of companies; this seems like the best wayto interact with their audience. People are no longer going to the market to shop;they are staying at home in their comfort zone and buying things online. People prefer online shopping because it saves time and it requires less effort. Ecommerce sites usually see a huge jump in their overall purchase during these festivals because generally it caters to huge discounts online and people tend to shop more during the festival season tempted with the added discounts as well.  

Social media acts as a mediator between your brand and your consumers during the time of festivals and it should be utilized to its maximum potential. Here are a few tips that we have curated and they might help you in strengthening  the bond that you have with your customers:

  • BE THE FIRST ONE TO SPEAK ABOUT IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: During the festival season various brands focus on ROI driven activities and the competition during this time is very fierce. By becoming the first one to speak about the festivals or the campaigns that a brand is running during this time, you somewhere remind the customers that the season is here and you care about them before someone else tells them. Make them feel wanted by telling them that you remember!
  • DISCOUNTS AND SHOPPING: It is that time of the year when everybody is giving a discount because that is a major selling point and it does attract customers. Make your offers look exciting and different than what you have usually been showing or make them different from what others are showing and always remember that customer loyalty is always seen where the person is getting the best deals and offers.
  • MEMES, MOMENTS AND MARKETING: People remember it when they are laughing at it, mostly. The majority of the content on these social media sites particularly and not so particularly revolves around memes and stuff that people can laugh about because that is a trend that has been there for a long time. People love it when they can connect to their stars or role models through a simple brand. These brands on social media sites tend to make their content a little funny and it has its advantages. Companies take this opportunity and maximize their selling or maybe improve their top line, by providing additional reasons to the customers to buy.

To conclude, we would like to suggest that remember to keep talking and communicating with your customers and clients. Ensure that you give them a call to make them feel happy and wanted if required. The Indian community and the people all around the globe are happy during festivals and they always look for various ways to celebrate. Advertisers should utilize this opportunity to promote their products and services and make their bonds stronger with their customers. There is no denying the fact that the festival is a good time to connect with people and make the most out of this opportunity.

Stay connected with your users with the right blend of promotional, emotional and brand activities.

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