Digital Marketing For Your Jewellery Brand

An excellent digital marketing strategy is not only empowering your brand but also empowering your consumer. This saying is predominantly true if you belong to the jewellery industry – where the customer is queen! Today, digital marketing for jewellery brands is no longer an option – it is a requirement to drive store visits, increase brand awareness and maintain the image of your brand. To mark your territory in the online space, you need to keep these tricks in mind:

Create a unique brand identity

Building a household brand name is every marketer’s chief objective, and the first step to that is by creating a robust online presence. Jewellery brands need to focus on the following digital marketing techniques to lay a strong foundation for future digital strategies:

A fabulous makeover is all you need (i.e. a great website)

Whether you own an online store or a showroom, a great site is a driving factor to attract more customers and significantly increase your revenue. Opt for a fresh and clean design that illustrates your brand story. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, it is designing that provides unmatched user experience, creating a seamless transition from an interested lead to a loyal consumer. However, an incredible design needs to be backed up with great content that keeps your audience engaged. You also need multiple web pages on the homepage that provide in-depth information about your brand and landing pages that act as e-commerce portals that highlight the particular line of products.

Content is the king, and you need engaging content:

The one thing that the Internet is known for is tons of valuable information that helps you make an informed decision – and blogging is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques to deliver that. Websites that feature a blog/article page have 434% more indexed pages on Google which means they are recognised and ranked quickly, growing the probability of appearing on the first page. Jewellery brands need to leverage the reach of informative blogs and walk the extra mile with creative infographics, embedded videos and fascinating images that keep viewers hooked. The blogs can cover all aspects of buying jewellery – from tips to keep in mind while choosing a diamond to bridal jewellery looks for the contemporary bride, and the keeps them updated about the recent jewellery trends and fads.

Social Media that speaks about your product:

Almost everyone is on social media nowadays! With social media, you can reach the very palm of your target audience with a strong presence that draws them towards your brand. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are great digital marketing platforms to increase the publicity of your jewellery brand. Opt for innovative social media campaigns and posts to create awareness about your brand, promote your products and engage with your followers.

Videos to give a virtual feel about the product:

Videos are an effective way to tell a million stories in each frame. Engage with your audience and push them further down the marketing funnel with compelling videos. Start by creating a YouTube channel and attract subscribers through optimised videos that show up on the user’s feed based on the keywords searched. Digital marketing for jewellery brands through videos comes with a lot of creative freedom due to the lavish and fun aspect of the product. Keeping your target audience in mind, you can create thought-provoking snippets through video campaigns that are guaranteed to attract more subscribers and grow your brand image online.

Influencer marketing that gives assurance about the product

Nothing is more prominent than a vital source suggesting your brand to a potential consumer. Leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing through social influencers who have a strong fanbase or followers. Keeping the creative space of the jewellery section in mind, marketers have a high potential to tap through bloggers and lifestyle influencers. You can also collaborate with influencer marketing platforms, to hand-pick influencers who resonate/relate with your brand and reach your target audience in a seamless and hassle-free manner. Lastly, when it comes to digital marketing for jewellery brands, it is safe to say that the world is your oyster due to an extensive range of creative campaigns and ads you can incorporate in your strategies. Because now is the time to leverage the power of going digital and grow your business!

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