Digital India-The Power Of Empower

With the new government coming in, India experienced a change that it had been waiting for since years. While India is known to be the source of talent and skill that is used world-wide, our systems and processes at home were quite rudimentary and needed that change that would put us in place with the whos who of the world. That change has come now and India is geared to enter into a new phase that boasts of greater development on all levels and faster and better growth for the country.

The Digital India campaign is an initiative by the Indian government, under which the government has proposed to make government services available to all citizens of the country in an electronic manner. This will include improving online infrastructure, creation of new digital infrastructure, and delivery of services electronically and wide spread campaigns for creating digital awareness.

While all this seems ambitious, there is a lot of potential that this plan holds for the growth of our country. While the global village is digitized and most of the world is on the digital upswing, there are still parts of our country which are deprived and ignorant of the technological advances happening across the globe. With the Digital India campaign, the government will bring the rest of the country up to speed.

Digital India, if realized, will bring with it a number of opportunities. While we will all be able to access government services faster and government processes will become more efficient, Digital India will create a number of job opportunities. In a country that is teeming with population and unemployment and poverty are its biggest challenges, this initiative can be a game changer.

With the realization of this campaign, there will be demand for talent and skill to keep the campaign up and running. This will solve the issue of unemployment to a great extent. Along with the Digital India campaign, the government has also initiated the Make in India and Smart Cities campaigns which together will serve to provide innumerable career and growth opportunities to the youth of India.

Connectivity will be enhanced with the Digital India campaign. In its proposal, the government plans to create an optical fiber network through the country on the lines of the Power Grid. This will enhance connectivity, allowing long distance education, medical facilities etc.

India is poised for greater growth and becoming a stronger economy now. Initiatives such as Digital India have been lauded by India Inc, especially since the country is the hub of IT companies a lot of which export software and services to the world.

While India has established its superiority in the IT sector in the world, it is time that this glory is shared with the rest of the country which still lies in the leeway side. The Digital India campaign will effectively bridge this gap and bring up all sections of the Indian sub-continent up to speed with the rest of the world.

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