Determination Vs Zeal

n this modern age of competitive environment, having the passion or determination to do something, really needs to be huge. Doesn’t matter if it’s tough, or needs more hard work. If you want success in your life, there’s no shortest path in reaching that destination. 

It’s a common misconception that the ‘Determination’ and ‘Zeal’ have the same meaning. It can be said that both have the same outer meaning, i.e. the force or inventiveness to do a certain task. But, at the end of the day, both have a very different inner meaning to them.

What Is Determination?

In common terms, Determination means when a person firmly decides, by him or her, to perform a certain task or work. It is the inner force that compels that person to move towards that clear objective, he or she has in his or her mind.

It is said that, in order to achieve something very rare or unique in life, one has to be very much determined in his or her work. That is the energy that will push that person to go to extreme limits, for achieving his or her ambition. Sometimes, this ambition can either be big or small. 

What Is Zeal?

Zeal or in common layman terms the passion or enthusiasm to do something of a greater good. Zeal gives the person the inner reason to move towards a certain objective. For example, if a person loves to paint pictures, and he aims to be a legendary painter, then this ambition can be termed as Zeal. It’s his or her passion – the thing he or she loves to do. 

Zeal also makes a person more devoted towards something he or she loves to do. It is that thing that interests him or her so much, that it helps to satisfy his or her soul, by doing that job.

Difference between them?

There is a great deal of difference between Determination and Zeal if you actually look at it very closely. 

The main difference is that being determined has nothing to do with something a person has the passion for. If a person is determined, he or she may be because of any external reasons. Sometimes, due to various financial, family problems, etc. people become determined to earn more money. But, that necessarily doesn’t mean that the person has the passion to perform that certain kind of work or job. On the other hand, if a person has passion or zeal for something, and proceeds to do that work or job, then it’s because – he or she takes a certain interest in doing that job.

Another thing that should be noted is, Determination is a lot of narrower term or thinking capacity that having the Zeal to do something. If a person has Zeal or enthusiasm, then that person will have various other qualities to complement that. Those qualities include having due diligence, having determination, having a great interest and lots of devotion. That’s why Zeal is a lot broader nature of term or thinking than Determination.


Therefore, it can be easily seen that Determination and Zeal, do not have the same meaning. A person having Zeal will always have the determination to that work or job. But, if a person has the Determination to do a particular kind of work or job, then that necessarily doesn’t mean he or she has the passion or interest for it.

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