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Blogging is one of the most reaping tools that businesses use these days. Emerging from the word Word Log, Blogs are like the most new innovations on the internet with a great potential for marketing. This tool took off from the moment it entered the world of internet and the trend has been growing ever since. From small businesses to Big, to people who work from home, blog posting spread like a wildfire among people giving them an unprecedented opportunity to compete with one another.

While there are many reasons to have a blog, we have enlisted a few to make it convenient for our readers to know of its importance.

Hone your skills: Writing about your business and the services you provide gives you an opportunity to sharpen your knowledge by sharing your wisdom with the readers. Sharing important industry insights and related information helps build an authority in your business. Making your audience aware of your services and imparting similar knowledge increases their engagement and that in turn increases your visibility on the internet. This takes us to the next point..

Drive traffic to your website: According to a Hub spot survey in 2015, B2B marketers who use blogs acquire 67% more leads than those who do not. Blog posting is a low cost way to drive traffic and increase leads in your Business. Blogging actively gives your website an opportunity to rank on the search engine page. Its a medium for companies to engage readers and capture large audiences to voice their opinions and give an insight into their company hence increasing visibility. Any guesses for the next point?

Optimizing the Search Engine: Entrepreneurs running successful businesses are strictly in favor of investing heavily in content publication strategy called Blogging. Thanks to search engines that love fresh content on net and show up higher on their pages when a blog is vigorously active. Use of apt keywords in your blogs fuels your SEO even further. This makes it easier to drive traffic to your blogs. Active blogs see higher user engagement for the same reason. All hail SEO !

Customer Relationship Management: Blog is a simple easy to use tool to connect with your audience and share relevant information on timely basis. Involving customers on issues and concerns of their interests, sharing your brands story and giving an insight about your services and products, humanizes your brand. It shows the personal side of your business which makes them trust you for such knowledge. Blog writing keeps social media pages active and popular and serves as a great source of content. It is equally important that while writing a blog, you should see the world from the customers point of view, not your own .When the audience learns from your blog they come back for more knowledge, which boosts traffic to your websites and hence increases leads.

Your blog is the heart of all of your content marketing efforts. The more you put into it, the more you receive. Invest wisely.

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