Artificial Intelligence Or Emotional Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or Emotional Intelligence, being up in the gameof your trade is the need of the hour. Can super intelligence and emotionalintelligence co-exist?

Intelligence is measured as one ofthe most desirable traits in today’s society. I.Q. tests are presently engagedfor many purposes such as selection, diagnosis, and evaluation in all parts ofsociety. Emotional intelligence is the residual enigma; without it, a businessprofessional may never reach their fullest potential.

EQ involves two vital abilities.First, it engrosses the ability to distinguish, recognize, and manage our ownemotions. Second, it involves the capacity to identify, understand, and manipulateothers’ emotions.

Business isn’t just aboutspreadsheets and deadlines. It necessitates a human ingredient to grow andstand out in the corporate landscape. Understanding how to deal with theemotions of yourself and others is a decisive skill. The perception ofemotional intelligence is fetching increasingly in the business world. So, EIis very beneficial for business management and recent researches show thatpeople need to equip with measurable skills, improved leadership, retention,and organizational climate in order to build a successful business.

Can super intelligence and emotional intelligence co-exist?

When technology becomes smarter,humans face major questions regarding the future. Is the computer a super-humanbeing and is becoming smarter and so smart that they can handle any job and doit better than human counterpart? If machines develop an emotional repertoirethat represents humanity then definitely it may change the modern world.

In a world driven by superintelligence, emotional intelligence will be the only arrow in the humans tomaster super intelligence, at least until super intelligence develops enough EIto reach all creatures. No matter how clever the machine, humanity is better atinventive processes and multi-level critical thinking. It may be possible toteach a machine how to identify emotions within the next few years, but thatdoes not mean computers will suddenly be better at creative thinking, research,and innovation.

In a nutshell, it can be statedthat whatever the intelligence of the machine is, humanity is more successfulin the creative process and critical thinking on various levels. Theco-existence of both defines the different aspects of humanity and it willbecome a twin engine of progress one day. So, all in all, emotionalintelligence has become the high order potential for super intelligence to bemore meaningful in the present scenario.

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