The Lucky 13 For Good Content Marketing

To engage your customers with great content, has to be a well thought and well planned out marketing tactic.

 Content marketing is ‘The Best’ way for not only engaging with your consumers but also for sharing expert knowledge with them, so that they are able to take a more informed and favourable (towards you) purchase decision. It’s one of the prime reasons why content marketing has been seen as one of the most important digital marketing trend in 2017. 

It is needless to say that, for effective content marketing your content needs to be interesting, flawless and interactive for establishing a connect and to drive engagement with your audience. For a content marketer it is very important to understand the product first, then the client requirement, and psychological and demographic profiles of your target audience. 

One more important feature of content marketing is to keep a regular check on what content you are about to publish. A glaring mistake can mark your digital reputation, which could prove difficult to fix. 

To ensure error-free publication and avoid mistakes in the awesome content which you create, we suggest you to keep the following checklist handy at all times-

1.To identify your specific sub – goals while drafting the content – The main and final goal of your marketing strategy is to achieve the objectives of your business. Hence, you should align your content in order to meet the sub-goals which will automatically help you in completing your bigger picture. For instance, if your goal is to increase the footfall at your bakery/restaurant, then your content marketing strategy should revolve in-and-around creating content which promotes the tasty food that your serve. 

2.You don’t need to cover the complete market in one go – It is not compulsory for you to reach your entire target market in one go. You have the option of bifurcating your audience and speaking to specific groups at one point in time. It is recommended that you become medium-specific as per the requirements of your brand positioning strategy and social media persona, to reach the groups whom you are micro-targeting. 

3.SEO is indispensable –  It is very healthy to enrich your article or blog with a couple of desired keywords and some search phrases to enhance your search-ability on search engines. 

4.Substantiating your content with backlinks for additional content –  For fulfilling your SEO goals, linking your article or blog with other pieces of content which you have created already is a very good idea. These links can take your reader to your product information and/or provide a more elaborate explanation about the topic. It is absolutely 100% healthy to share links of a third-party site. And it is even much more healthier if you start associating these links with related keywords in your content. 

5.Catchy headlines gain attraction – Headlines is what helps your reader to decide whether or not he/she should read your blog or article. Hence, to have a catchy headline will help you in generating more traffic for your website. Incorporating a target keyword in the beginning of the title will serve as cherry on your blog cake. 

6.Make corporate branding a part – Consider every piece of content as an opportunity for enhancing your brand positioning and also for establishing your professional expertise. You could use various elements from your brand-building content, especially on social media platforms, for polishing your overall brand identity

7.Consistency is important – In this digital age, where people are informally connecting with one another for sharing anything and everything, you, as a BRAND should take on a personalised approach to reach to your target audience. The tone of your content should create an impression of one-on-one human communication. While doing this, also keep an eye to ensure that there is a consistent voice on all your platforms, irrespective of who is creating the content. 

8.Visuals always grab more eyeballs – Including visuals, preferably images and infographics, will help you in getting more readers. Use of images with human faces (photographs) maximises the impact, whereas a bland or dull stock photography might kill the essence many-a-times. You should make sure that the images you use are not copyright protected for commercial use. 

9.Format lends to the visual appeal – Formatting is very important as it helps in making your content visually more appealing and also increases the readability probability of your content. You should make sure that the formatting makes your content easily readable and is able to scan across multiple devices and various screen sizes,for reaching the maximum number of audience in one go. It has been observed that left aligned content with distinct headlines and sub-heads and bullet points is liked and preferred more.

10.Avoiding abbreviations &slang language – Using of foul/abusive language can destruct your brand image forever. Therefore, it is best to avoid the usage of all obscene language and adult language until your brand demands it. In its place, create that content which quickly grabs the attention of the reader. This is the best winning approach for content creation. If finding the right words for your blog or article becomes difficult, consider using photographs or sign language, which would make your content visually more appealing and intriguing. 

11.Review and Proofread – We all know that word processors come with spell and grammar checkers, and most importantly we all also know that they don’t catch everything every time. Therefore, it is a healthy practice to regularly check your content and ensure that the grammar is consistent, there are no spelling errors and always double-check the content against a style guide as per the content channel you are using. 

12.Content is incomplete without a call-to-action (CTA) – All the communication which you draft in your content piece has an objective or an aim. You would want your user to take a specific action after going through the content that you have shared on all platforms. Hence, it is a good practice for incorporating a call-to-action (CTA)  in your content piece

13.The most important part is to engage consumers – If you write content piece which demands for interaction with the consumer, then you should always include a question for your readers and ask them to share their opinions and views in the comments section below. If you desire to expand the conversation, then always support your blog or article with all social media buttons for making it easy for your audience to share it on their personal social media handles. This will not stop and stump your readers, rather, it will get more people involved in your content related conversations; sometimes the number might be small, but the effect will always be massive. 

This deeply connected digital world requires much more than just concentrating on writing your content. All it requires is to create a compelling content which drives action.  And for achieving this, you definitely need to pay some extra attention towards the minutest details in your content piece. We hope that this checklist would help you do that. 

BTW, the checklist is open for all, if you have any more pointers to add in the list. And for any content or marketing related issues you can always drop us a line at

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