The Anatomy Of Hashtag Marketing

It all started in June 2013 when Facebook announced the introduction of terminology that had formerly been exclusively part of the Twitter world — hashtags. Now, Hashtags is the new online sensation on all social media platforms. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, or any other social media channels; you cannot ignore the importance of #hashtag. You can call it as a powerful medium to reach maximum people and get more followers, likes, and shares. But understanding it could be a tough task for marketers out there. Hashtag might seem bewildering but, once you know it, the jackpot is in your hand. This great tool can help you to grow your social impact, reach and audience engagement. Here is everything you need to know about Hashtag Marketing. Before acquainting yourself on how to use this internet phenomenon in your social media accounts, you should know what part.

Here are a few hashtag hacks that you can apply while posting on your social media channels.

Be Precise

You should use hashtags particular to your business, and your interest. Use hashtags that are significant to your topic. If you mismatch the content of a post and the hashtag then, you won’t be receiving the engagement. The more apt you are, the more you can target your audience which will result in better engagement. For example, you want to sell glass doors. So instead of using the general hashtag #doors, be specific to use #glassdoors. This hashtag is precise to glass doors and will result in better engagement.

Keep Your Hashtags Short

Don’t comprise too many words within a single hashtag. Over lengthy hashtags turn people off thereby losing interest. For example, hashtags like #WhatHappensInVegasStaysInVegas, #VisionExpoWestIsAmazing , these hashtags are too long with so many words within a single hashtag.

Don’t Overuse Hashtags

Try to emit the use of the entire social media post within one hashtag per word. For example, your sentence is “You are outlandish with your annoying and unnecessary use of hashtags.” So, if you write this caption like “#You #are #outlandish #with #your #annoying #and #unnecessary #use #of #hashtags,” then your post makes no sense. All the words are not related to what you want to reach for. Keep only the relevant words in hashtags rather than using every single word of your whole caption.

Don’t Use Hashtags More Than Your Words

People think that more hashtags mean more reach, engagement and more likes but that is not the truth. People overload hashtags in a single photo. Like on Instagram, the maximum number of hashtags one can use is 30, but that doesn’t mean you will comprise the maximum limit for a single post. Yes, you will get followers, but those will only be spammers to follow them back. Just focus on being specific.

Use Trending Hashtags

You all are aware of the ‘trending’ notion which covers almost everything from fashion to news headlines. So you should keep an eye on the altering trending hashtags and use the sign and the most popular hashtags in your captions. Just grab the latest hashtags related to your business and include them in your post. As a result, your post will witness a broader audience. More people can view your updates rather than just your friends and followers. You can locate trending hashtags and topics by utilizing hashtag with analytics monitoring sites like, Hashtagify, Trendsmap, or RiteTag. You can use it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc. Use niche-trending hashtags instead, to connect people similar to your business and interest to target them well.

Enormous opportunities are lying there for you if you use hashtags properly in your hashtag marketing strategies. You should be aware of when, and how to use hashtags properly to promote your brand and get greater reach. A social media channel helps your business to stay out of the crowd. A strong social media strategy can provide you with excellent results. Hashtags have now become a more significant part of every social media strategy. Every social media channels behave distinctively. So get enough knowledge about the same, make your hashtag, and start your way of using them to reach broader.

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