Now You Can Adviser On Truecaller Too: Engage With Millions Of User

India is one of the most popular markets for Truecaller, an app that helps people to identify the calls they get. It has a more than 130-million strong user base in India and defines a large volume of calls daily. Till now, the brand was monetizing the app via the ‘Subscription’ model, but now it has taken to mobile advertising and has started working with brands. Successful mobile advertising campaigns solely rely on innovative platforms and intelligent distribution. With Truecaller’s mobile advertising platform, brands are provided with a unique opportunity to engage and target millions of active users all over the world.

Truecaller has announced the significant success the brands have witnessed on its Advertising Platform. Truecaller Ads, an exceptionally designed platform, not just captures the attention of users without invasion or interruption but also removes the appointment viewing condition for brand visibility. Its programmatic advertising strategy has spawned a repeat customer rate of 70% among existing advertisers, helping companies reach their audiences. Companies are increasingly showing an interest for Truecaller’s unique programmatic ads, and with the festive season around the corner, brands and verticals are looking at in-app advertising platforms to enhance brand engagement, visibility and drive scalability.

Truecaller’s Offerings

Truecaller has evolved into a media platform where brands can put their ads, and whenever a user turns to the app, he/she can see the brand communication. However, the brand has numerous ad formats. ‘Call Intent’ is one of the features where the app studies consumer behaviour from his call dialling history. For example, if a consumer is dialling into several eating joints, then Truecaller feels it would be suitable for them to offer advertising that is relevant to the category.

Truecaller For Businesses

As a prominent mobile app used by people of various demographics and psychographics, Truecaller provides a platform for businesses and brands to monitor and control their company information and details and gives them the facility to present their company details to people in the way they want. Since Truecaller is a trustworthy application by millions of users, it is a right idea to take control of how people view your company’s/business’ information and details on Truecaller and present it in the way you want.

Advertising On Truecaller

Along with easy to use user interface, functionalities and features for its users, Truecaller also provides a great advertising platform for businesses. With Truecaller Ads, companies and brands can specifically target their adverts and engage their target market/consumers using custom audience. Many big brands, as well as SMEs, leverage their marketing campaigns through Truecaller Ads using it as one of the leading channels of Mobile Advertising. The app is working with different media agencies and brands to monetize the ad-platform. It is selecting the brand that intends to push a simple communication to its user.

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