Content Marketing Essentials: The 5W’s Strategy

We all have come a long way when it comes to attaining knowledge and we need to accept that we are better informed than we were a few years ago down the lane. With time we have also become immune to hard-selling facts and all the selling and self-serving tactics. Content writers are used to writing clean, neat, fresh and compelling copies for the wide range of marketing businesses and departments to choose from. They have a finely developed instinct that grows with time for chasing down stories and new ideas. When we research a story thoroughly, we go through the five W’s who, what, why, where and when. We can use these 5 big questions to guide the content marketing strategy.


The most fundamental building block for any content marketing strategy is to know who exactly your target audience is. The more you know about your audience, the easier it becomes to make your content effective and impactful. It always makes more sense to involve everyone in the decision making and the purchase process for your brand or solution. Content marketing strategies involve knowing exactly what the needs and the motivations are, what information is going to be helpful to them and what they have to understand before they create a sale decision. To know who your audience is, you need to build personas in your mind and figure out who your ideal customer is. This can be done by interviewing your customers, potential customers and even those who have opted for an additional brand’s solution. Always keep in mind that one important strategy to know who your audience is to know who your audience isn’t and then tailor the content to pick your audience and remove those who are not a proper fit for it. The results are usually regarding the qualified audience.


If you are seeking an answer to this question then you should probably start finding out what your audience is not looking for which is not talking about why just your brand or your business is great. This is the one thing that most of the brands and people are publishing and this type of content is the least interesting thing that your targeted audience is fancying to read. Find what your audience wants and what they wish by researching keywords and their queries. The queries on a search engine are directly expressing what is most vital to the people. Dan Blumenthal rightly said: “Content marketing is what web searchers are trying to find.” If your content doesn’t match the necessity, it’s not content marketing.


One needs to keep posting high-quality content and blogs as regularly as possible but it is merely stupid to just keep pursuing one activity without knowing or confirming whether it’s working for you or not or without calculating the amount of value it is adding to your business. The question here is about finding the right time of the day or the right day of the week to publish to your blogs or ideas on social media. You will have a diverse audience and you need to do some experimenting before you nail down the right strategy. You need to establish a gentle rhythm, be it daily, weekly or monthly and set a schedule that allows you to publish quality and neat content.


We all grow slowly and we always need to add value to the content creation pot that we hold. This is a very easy question but only if it was published 10 years ago. You had to follow the basic steps like publish the blog, promote it on various social media channels and spread it as much as possible. But let’s face it; this is not a great content marketing strategy as 100 other people are doing the same thing. It is very important to find the right spot where you can publish the content and gather more views. For placing the efforts in the right direction, you need to determine the business goals that you want to achieve from your content marketing strategy, perform a thorough research of your audience and understand their needs and demands, manage your SEO and keep a track of your performance by setting goals in every month or two for platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook or any other website.


The audience strives for high-quality content that helps them in solving the problem. But what is wanted is to change the conversion into revenue. This brings us down to the question that is “Why will the audience take the step that you want them to?” here we have put together 4 points that can explain to you why the audience will take the step what you want them to take:

  • By clearly stating the next step and by not asking them to find it out on their own.
  • By mentioning a logical and incremental step.
  • By analyzing how many obstacles are they going to face.
  • By making the relationship strong through the content.

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