The 20/20 Vision for your Digital Marketing Company in 2020

The past years have changed the way we think about digital marketing and how we interact with all the brands around us. From companies like Instagram and Facebook that were founded in early 2000s, to all the new digital data points that allow us to tell targeted brand narratives, the world of digital marketing and consumer behavior has changed.

Today, we live in a world where we have the technology and brand & strategy that change every minute. As your company or organization looks at the next big game-changer in digital, brand, traditional marketing and beyond, here we have some continuing trends from the past years to keep in mind:

A comeback for the market research section, as it is becoming a dying art with the rise of digital data. Conduction research might not only provide brands with highly customizable data sets but it will also ensure that marketers are gathering and using data responsibly.

– Taking a fresh look at the brand culture. Brand culture is a careful consideration of the experience that you are delivering to your employees, defining the organizations’ values to them so that they can carry it forward to everyone who encounters the brand. The development of the brand’s strategy and developing a brand’s positioning platforms starts from the inside.

Below are some new elements that you must to add to your marketing strategy for 2020.

1)   AI POWERED SOLUTIONS AND CHATBOTS – 2020 maybe the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI) dominance and you will not even realize this. The way of interaction with customers is always changing and with AI-powered solutions and chatbots it growing even faster.

2)   INTERACTIVE MARKETING When we get a clearer version of modern-day marketing we understand that Content clutter is one thing that won’t be changing in 2020. There will be more content than ever. To navigate the chaos of the content on the web, a lot of companies will take efforts to make their content pieces outgoing, chatty and communicative. Contests, quizzes, polls, surveys, games, interactive videos and calculators are great interactive tools to drive engagement with your audience. 2020 will be all about keeping your audience engaged with your brand.

3)   PERSONALISATION Brands should be thinking about how they can personalize customer support, as well as how they should personalize their user experience. Knowing exactly what your customers need and want will establish a sense of brand loyalty with them, because of this strong connection you have built. From this strong connection, you can curate specific content, personalized emails and experiences that will cater to their needs.

4)   IMMERSIVE TECHNOLOGY – New technologies will continue to emerge, like virtual reality and augmented reality. Knowledge like this can offer a deeper product experience for your users by augmenting their space to fit with your product. For example, a furniture store could use Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality to showcase how a piece of furniture could fit in their home. It can change everything about the buyer’s journey by literally showing them how your solutions can fix their problems.

We also need to keep in mind that people are still looking for honesty and humanity within their brands that they are engaging with. They want to feel connected, considered and seen. So, as 2020 goes on, we need to be real, intentional and discreet in ways you bring your brand to the market.

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