Impact of COVID’19 on the Digital Industry

COVID 19 has affected millions of customers and companies across the world. It has led to creating new methods of working, shopping, and meeting basic needs. During this pandemic, people have become more inclined towards using digital modes for payments, banking transactions, shopping, etc. These have come as precautions from dealing with any kind of contact. The online or digital world has become a part of the daily routines.

How is Digitalisation a Part of Today’s Business

Many companies deal with B2B that is getting affected and hence there is a movement to the different strategies. These strategies include virtual streaming of meetings, conferences, direct-to-consumer models, etc. Companies are now experimenting with new methods and ways to run their business.

Companies are also looking at new technologies that can help their business post-COVID 19. Today, some of the companies have adopted the work-from-home policy for most of their employees for a longer period due to the availability of technology that is equivalent to the setup in the office.

Process of Automation for Businesses

In some countries, the self-service of customers was becoming a trend. In India too, this was being considered and adopted by some businesses that allowed to include this method. Due to the pandemic, many sectors are looking at online methods to continue with the work without any issues. For example, filling forms for permits online, higher education, etc. have become the most convenient thing at present.

Even though these procedures are all online, the need for human supervision is still required. The verification and other necessary procedures are taken care of by the designated officers. Automated customer care helplines are now available in most of the portals. These automated queries cover almost every necessary information related to the product. Though this is not a new concept, it is being used by more companies today.

Finding Innovative Ways to Communicate

Today, due to the pandemic, many companies are losing their clientele and contacts as they are unable to connect with them through their sales executive. This has pushed the companies to look for innovative and creative ways to connect with their clients.

Online promotion of products live chats, chatbots, etc. are some of the ways that are now coming up as part of the business strategies to keep in touch with the clients. Social media is also another way through which companies are trying to connect with their clients. This has increased the traffic of communication towards the center. This is quite helpful in terms of seamless work and optimum work environment testing.

Digitalisation The New Norm Post-COVID 19

COVID 19 may have affected the global economy and industries negatively, but it has created a space for digitalization. Many companies and individuals are now comfortable with the new form of transactions that are all digital. Digitalization or the digital industry has led to creating flexibility and an increase in the performance of the business. With the growing demand for digital platforms, there has been a boom in the industry. Companies are now looking at these innovative and creative ways for the post-COVID 19 scenarios.

The digital industry has not only provided space but has also given a new method of doing business. It has also given the individuals the chance to become more digitally inclined and positively accept the new digital world.

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