Build an Online Community and Maximize Your Brand Effectiveness & Response

Build an Online Community and Maximize Your Brand Effectiveness & Response

As the competition is increasing in the global market, more and more companies are looking for innovative and creative ways to expand their businesses. Among these ideas, the most creative one is building an online brand community of your brand as it will directly increase the knowledge about what the customer needs, and what they prefer and desire.

Let’s start by understanding what exactly an online brand community means, it is a brand community that takes place in a virtual setting in which the members’ interaction is primarily through the internet. Hence, it is a specialized, non-geographically bound community based on the relations among the brand enthusiasts. These brand communities are specialized as their main area of focus remains the branded goods and services. These customer communities vary from the traditional communities due to their commercial nature and the common interest, admiration, love, and sympathy for the respective brand. The most interesting thing about these communities is the ability of these members to interact with each other.

Many big brands such as Adidas, Nike, Apple, and Sephora have online brand communities that conduct vibrant, fruitful and result-oriented discussions about the brands’ products and their values. These communities can help a lot of businesses, small or big, generate engagement and buzz. If customers become a part of these communities they are no longer different or separate. These members will share your content through word of mouth, online shares and this also helps you save money on marketing activities as building a community is a long term strategy. You can use your community to make your social media posts go viral, post videos, images, and contests, that are appealing. Community members can be your best brand advocates and they can help you spread your content.

Now the question comes how to build a brand community?

It is a very easy process and we should thank the free tools and guidance that is available today in the online world. Let’s take a look at the ways to start a community around your brand.

  • Start membership: Create a separate membership website that is entirely dedicated to your brand community and then add content that only the members can view and convince other users to sign up.
  • Build a social media following: The best and the most effective way to start an online community is to set up pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Create a fun and creative personality and keep having casual conversations. Respond regularly to everyone’s comments.
  • Email marketing and newsletters: Email marketing is one of the most active marketing tools for having conversions. Use your email list, and send appealing content regularly to get customers more interested in your brand. You can direct them to sign up for your membership site, where they will receive exclusive content as members.
  • Hold giveaway contests: Giveaways are the most interesting technique; they create emotions, drive engagement and therefore increase traffic on the website.
  • Organizing an experimental stunt: For companies targeting consumers, there’s no better way to raise brand awareness than getting out on the street and engaging with potential customers, and capturing the same by live videos, etc. to showcase on the online platforms.

Create a brand community and create a platform for your audience to start a meaningful relationship and to grow your business now.

Let’s connect and have discussions on your brand needs.

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