Brand Recall Vs Brand Loyalty

Brand Recall –

One of the crucial factors which play a pivotal role in getting more customers to stick to a particular brand is the factor known as the brand. This increases the reach of the business and also attracts more and more customers towards it. When any product is successful in making a positive impact on the customer, then when the product is either finished or even deteriorated then the first thing the customer does instinctively is to go back and buy the same brand again. When a customer has had a previous positive experience then wherever he needs the product and that brand he appears he is definitely going to buy it again. This is the phenomenon of brand recall. Online advertising companies use such brand recall strategy to promote their products and services to the customers.

In general, brand recall service is divided into two main categories which are known as aided as the unaided recall. When it comes to aided brand recall, it is measured mainly by the extent to which any brand name is remembered by the customers when there is a discussion with the actual brand name in the picture. This technique utilizes the name of the brand in order to reinforce it in the minds of the customers. But in recent times the business companies are shifting towards unaided brand recall strategy. If any brand in the marketplace has unaided brand recall than it has a competitive advantage over all its rivals as well as competitors. In this kind of Brand Awareness Strategy, the customer remembers the name of the brand without even mentioning the name of the brand and this has a high impact on the customers.

Brand Loyalty –

Brand Loyalty is also one of the main factors determining the reach and success of a business. Brand loyalty in marketing is a scenario where every customer in the marketplace avoids purchasing as well as consuming any product from a different brand which he has not used or uses currently.  Brand loyalty of a company is measured using various techniques such as word of mouth publicity, commitment, repetitive buying, brand trust, customer satisfaction, price sensitivity and various other similar factors.

Importance of brand loyalty lies in the fact that the degree to which a customer would buy the same product from the same company present in any particular product category. The customer loyalty serviceremains present until the time when the product is available in the market. They do not buy products of any brand or any other supplier. This phenomenon of brand loyalty exists until the period when the customers feel that the product of a brand which they are using is the perfect product when it comes to that very category at that specific price. There might be various instances where the competitors might provide cheaper alternatives but even then the customers stick to this very brand.

Brand loyalty services, as well as brand recall, both plays a crucial role in attracting customers to a business and the very basic foundation of any organization. Greater loyalty and recall generally lead to much-reduced marketing expenditure due to the fact that brand loyal as well as brand recalling customers promote the brand positively.

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