Digital Transformation Trends In 2019
Digital Transformation Trends  In 2019


The digitization has hit hard the whole world in recent years. It is evident enough how positively it is affecting people's lives and the industry altogether at the same time. digital transformation refers not only the transformation of the digital world and tech but the cumulative transformation of people, society,industries intersecting altogether.

There have been some digital trends in almost every year in recent times. The trends are the main tools to bring profitability to the industries and also normal people. Let's have a look at the upcoming digital trends in 2019 which are all set to rule the world.

 Get ready for the ultimate speed - 5G

In recent years, 4G has ruled the world like a pro, and it is time to make way for 5G. Previously while using 4G, there were still some sprint points where the data used to shift to 3G or even 2G at times. But that will not be happening in case of 5G, you will enjoy a firm and steady 5G speed all across the world without any speed drop.

Many companies like Qualcomm, Intel, Huawei, Samsung are ready with their 5G compatibility devices and tech too. And5G is coming to all rural and urban area together, after a lot of planned work. Get ready to experience the ultimate speed from this year on the internet.

 Chatbots are Powered by AI now.

Artificial Intelligence has a huge role to play in the tech world this coming year. You now can think about all the human-provided services are going to be taken over by Artificial Intelligence. Chatbots will be giving you even a smoother experience than ever, as now they will be performing sentiment analysis of the commands and queries, and act accordingly, almost like a Human. And also 40% of the market will be adopting Chatbots as their customer support system and marketing executives by the end of 2019 as according to a survey.

 Clouds storage has evolved another step ahead

Another important digital transformation happening this year is in Cloud storage. The companies understood the fact that private clouds, public clouds and data centers cannot be the best option individually. So they are mixing it up and bringing you hybrid cloud solutions for your company. You can customize and control what service you need, and how much service you need every month according to your need. Alibaba has recently come up with their hybrid cloud solutions as well, along with other companies like Amazon, Microsoft and of course Google. The companies now can allocate which workload will be in which cloud. The world is going to experience the most seamless and strong wireless data storage and cloud service to date.

 The blockchain technology

The blockchain technology can be used way beyond the application of Cryptocurrency. But blockchain is very complicated to understand for laymen, as they will prefer plug-and-play devices to use it properly. Now many companies like IBM has promised to emphasize on working on the blockchain way past Crypto, so a major utilization of this technology can be seen in 2019.

 It's time for Augmented Reality

The world is now quite familiar withVirtual Reality. But there are also a few drawbacks of this tech, as it is not much feasible beyond gaming and movies. Where Augmented Reality is a real-time experience where the user can interact with the real world subjects by computer-generated augmented visuals, across multiple sensory modalities. Though in the starting time it can be a bit slow, 2019 is a great year to give it a start and let it grow huge.

 The year 2019 awaits loads of digital transformation trends that will completely shake the whole wide world with its efficiency and potentiality.