Social Media

Social Media Is An Effective Communication Tool Between A Brand & Customers!!

Digifish3 combines technology with social interaction focusing on the paid, learned and owned media. We categorize and prioritize all the media options to ensure implementation of best social media platforms, by understanding customer attitude and characteristics. Social media builds real engagement, binds customers, drive revenue gains with low cost involvement. Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc., are the destinations where real discussion takes place. Social Media Marketing is an interactive medium, there for a person can change and adapt to the medium quickly. Social media platform spreads over all the industries and users of all kinds. Social media, makes organizations speak and listen to the customers directly and at the same time communicate with them one to one. Digifish3 with its head office in Gurgaon the heart of Delhi NCR caters to many more social media channels in addition to the one’s already mentioned and customizes a social media plan for an organization post their requirement, need & existence in the market.

It is an approach for an organization looking forward for a B2C promotion (Primary Business to Consumer). Company profile pages, communities, etc, would be built on facebook. Company website would be designed and social media pages (FB, Twitter, etc.) integration would be & add on in the website, and vice versa for more visibility and reach.
It can be used by an organizations looking forward for B2B Approach (Primary Business to Business). LinkedIn can help in increasing company’s awareness and generate new business. It help’s in connecting with professionals which generates multiple recommendations with instant credibility. Joining groups relevant to industry & interest helps broaden horizon.
It is apt for an organization, who is looking forward for B2B as well as B2C Approach. It caters friction free and concise communication. It gives real time communication and helps join niche topic conversation. It increases network and helps grow the business between like minded people from various interest or similar interests.
It is essential for organizations who are ready to give users visual’s about their work. It increases reach and leaves a huge impact on the mind of the user. It connect people with attractive information in the format of video clips.
It is good for our organization who are looking to a B2C approach. It creates to images show cashing products brand, and givens a real time free to the user. Its connect to the users giving them a visual treat.

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