7 Mantras Of Inbound Marketing
7 Mantras Of Inbound Marketing


So you have a new business to set-up, and you are planning to implement an inbound marketing campaign. But what are the steps which you need to follow to ensure the success of the campaign?

Digifish3 share their 7 unique mantras which you can follow:

Firstly, Inbound Marketing is a holistic process that encapsulates all online marketing activities to give you a single, scalable platform that attracts prospects by education them. The core of inbound is to bring relevant prospects by giving information they are seeking.

In order to succeed in your inbound marketing pilgrimage, you will have to chant these 7 mantras.

Define Goals with the help of SMART Goals you are able to set up realistic goals that carve the path for all your marketing activities. These goals help you measure the performance of inbound activities and the progress bas on your previous status for the specific key performance indicators (KPI)


S Specific define goal as clear as possible. The questions that go as Who, What, Where, Why, When, Which

M Measurable is the goal measurable? check out the current benchmarks for the goals that you are considering

A Attainable is the goal reasonable enough based on the current status?

R Relevant Does the goal fulfil your business challenges?

T Timely there should be a mandatory time limit with your goals.

Identify Audience Just when you have set up your goals, the main question that arises is who will help you achieve these goals. The answer is your target audience in the form of visitors, leads, or customers. Understanding your buyer personas will guide the complete inbound marketing process.

The offering and value proposition need to resonate with the right audience for whom the following data should be on hand: